OMM20 hydraulic motor shaft 151G00023

$130.00 $120.00



This BMM-20 engine that can replace OMM 20 series 

  • BMM introduction:

1 Germ hydraulic motor OMM20 BMM-20
M: 3 M6 circular flange, 5 × 5 pilot Axis: B: 875 axis, 4,8×4,8×19.05 parallel key Ports and drainage port: U: 9 / 16- 18UNF 3 / 8-24UNF


If you need this product, photograph the payment directly. If you need other flanges, shaft wrenches, oil ports, consider or contact us.

We specialize in the manufacture of hydraulic motors. replace series: OMM … OMP … OMR … WHO OMH OMT … OMVReplace Char-Lynn Series: J series, H series, S series, 2000 series, 6000 series, 10000 series

If you need two or more, contact us for a discounted price. In addition, we also accept wholesale sales, contact us if necessary


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