Hydraulic orbital Motor OMP200 Geroler Hydraulic motor

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Note: Our BMP-200cc Engine can replace It is a collection of tools that facilitate working with DANFOSS industrial refrigeration products. OMP-200cc Engine M + S MP 200cc Engine Very good quality and much more excellent price.



BMP main specification:


2: 2- 13. 5 rhombus-flange, pilotØ82 5×8



A: light axis, parallel key 8x7x32


Port and port drainage

D: G1 / 2 multiple mounting 4xM8 … G1 / 4


He drew:









If you need this product, photograph the payment directly. If you need other flanges, shaft wrenches, oil ports, consider or contact us.



We specialize in the manufacture of hydraulic motors. replace: OMM … OMP … OMR … WHO OMH ¿OMT … OMV replace Char-Lynn Series: J Series, H Series, S Series, 2000 Series, 6000 Series, 10000 Series


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