Concrete pump parts OMH500 / MH500 SERMAC hydraulic system parts

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Our BMH500 engine replaces DANFOSS OMH500, M + S MH500, applied to the SERMAC concrete pump. The specific parameters are as follows.


BMH500 main specification:


4: 4x Ø 13.5 rhombuses x pilot flange: Ø 82.5×6



M: axis: 13, parallel key 10x8x45

Port and port drainage

D: Collector assembly G1 / 2 4xM8, G1 / 4


He drew:





If you need this product, photograph the payment directly. If you need other flanges, shaft wrenches, oil ports, consider or contact customer service processing.

We specialize in the manufacture of hydraulic motors. replace: OMM … OMP … OMR … WHO OMH OMT … OMVReplace Char-Lynn Series: J series, H series, S series, 2000 series, 6000 series, 10000 series

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Weight 174 kg


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